1. All submissions are subject to prior approval by the Casper Photography Association, and can only be submitted by dues-paying members. We do not guarantee that all submissions will be approved, and we reserve the right to refuse any submission for any reason.


2. Persons submitting listings for the CLASSIFIEDS page are responsible for the content of the listings in their entirety. The Casper Photography Association in no way guarantees the quality, authenticity or accuracy of the items listed in this section, nor will be held liable for anything in any listing that is misrepresented by the person submitting the listing. Consider our policy "caveat emptor," or "let the buyer beware."


3. Listings may not be advertisements for services of any kind. The purpose of this listing is for photography-related items only; any submissions for businesses or services will not be accepted or posted.


4. All transactions for items listed in our CLASSIFIEDS do not involve the Casper Photography Association, and we cannot in any way facilitate such transactions. Please use common sense when conducting such transactions -- in other words, if you do not know the person selling the item, meet them only in a public place; if you are a seller, only accept cash, trade items or some other concrete form of payment for items. We are not in any way responsible for bad transactions or bad checks.