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Matt Roberts got his start in the visual design world while in high school, learning the ropes of the newspaper industry at local publications before editing the college newspaper at Casper College in the late 1990s. He then took his design skills to a variety of newspapers, including those in Wyoming, Missouri and Oklahoma, where he worked in both news production and was principal in redesigning several newspapers from the ground up.


After moving from the design of newspapers to the editorial side, Matt worked as editor and managing editor for several publications, netting him many awards for both his design and news writing, as well as his photojournalism. It is from this "boots on the ground" photography training that Matt's love for the craft grew, a love that eventually extended into a passion for capturing portraiture, art images and documenting history with both digital cameras and classic film cameras of many types.


Matt is currently principal designer and photographer at Madison Letterform, a small graphic design company focused on design for the Web and print, as well as portraiture, wedding photography and other beautiful things. But his primary passion is his "day job," which is serving as pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Douglas, Wyo.