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MEMBER PAGE  |  Submission Guidelines

If you are a member of the association, you are also invited to be a part of our “Member Pages” section. In these pages, visitors to our website can find out more about you, your photography, and view a sampling of your work. Plus, they can find links to your website, social media accounts and other pages.





1. Name AND a mugshot of the photographer. Some people don’t like their photos attached to their work, but people feel more comfortable if they “mentally” can visualize the artist/photographer whose work they are viewing.


2. Contact info, including phone number, email address, website, Facebook site, Twitter feed, Flickr pages, or any other site or page where viewers can find your photography.


3. One paragraph describing the member’s photography styles and/or specialties. Pretty much whatever you want to say about your photos. Please avoid anything like “great specials for senior portraits” and that sort of thing — these pages are designed to provide links to your work, and are not for specific advertising.


4. About 12 photos. These will be displayed in a “lightbox”-type format with small thumbnails next to the larger images to allow viewers to select individual photos. A copyright notice will be included with each photo as it is displayed.


The photos should be in their original finished format and size; they will be reduced as necessary when they are added to the site.