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Comfortable with a camera shooting landscapes or foraging for fungi, Sue knows how to bond with nature.  Sue came to Wyoming a while ago and brought with her a Kodak Instamatic. Although she has since traded up and now totes a Cannon Rebel EOS, her primary photographic interest is getting up close and personal with Wyoming varied wildlife.


Sue got hooked on shutter-bugging at an early age, but blossomed into a pro after repeated encounters with Snowflake, Casper’s celebrated albino mule deer. She’s been known to crawl into dumpsters to bond with raccoons, get dangerously close to quill-shooting porcupines, and feed squirrels out of one hand while shooting pictures with the other.


Sue displays a sampling of her work in her home, and her work has also adorned Mills City Hall, Casper College, Metro Coffee Shop and the Werner Wildlife Museum. Sue seeks to improve her photographic skills, and more importantly, continue to bond with her wild subject.